Whiplash.....What is it?
  It is an oversimplified term that is outdated, that is often used to describe the serious injury to the soft tissues of the neck and spine during an accident. These injuries are caused by the sudden violent snapping back of the head and neck beyond its normal limits, followed by the forward whipping type motion of the head. This motion puts tremendous stress on the neck resulting in an over stretching and tearing of the ligaments and muscles that can cause the disc between the vertebrae to bulge, tear, and sometimes even rupture.

The forces of an impact during an automobile accident, even if buckled in, are transmitted from the automobile to the occupants and absorbed by the spine causing spinal misalignments (subluxations). These misalignments can take months or even years to surface. By then, you may not even associate the symptoms of whiplash with that little fender bender that has long since been repaired. Spinal misalignments created during an auto accident remains in the spine, which can and will prevent your body from healing properly.

This is another reason people say, I just haven't felt right since the accident, and also why they may continue not to feel right for months and even years after an accident. Approximately 85% of all disorders involving the neck have been directly linked to the results of automobile accidents. Large scale studies and unbiased government statistics clearly indicate that it's a problem of massive proportion.

The majority of people injured will complain of neck pain, which typically has an onset of 1 to 2 days after the accident. This is the result of tight muscles protecting the over stretched or torn muscles and/or ligaments by limiting their movement. Should there be neck pain immediately after the accident, there is a possibility of a fracture and a qualified physician should assess this immediately.